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Our Towns

AlnaAlna Meeting House

Town Office Phone 207-586-5313

Settled in 1760; incorporated in 1794

Population in 2009 census: 681

21 square miles



Name is Latin for “alder”

The Alna Meeting House (1789)

Alna School (1795)

Historic village of Head Tide

Old Head Tide Church

Head Tide Dam

Sheepscot River

Poet Edwin Arlington Robinson’s house

Historic village of Sheepscot

Narrow-gauge Wiscasset, Waterville &  

 Farmington Railway and Museum


Dresden ChurchDresden

Town Office Phone 207-737-4335

Settled in 1752 as “Frankfort”; incorporated in 1794 as Dresden.


Population according to 2000 census: 1,625

33.2 square miles


Pownalborough Courthouse (1760; Robert Treat Paine, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams all tried cases here)

Merrymeeting Bay

The Dresden Farmlands

The Dresden Historical Society

Green Point Farms Wildlife Management Area

St. John’s Church

Blinn Hill (440 feet above sea level)

The Great Bog

Dresden Brick School House Museum

Bridge Academy Public Library 

 Westport Island

Westport Island

Town Office Phone 207-882-8477

Originally called “Jeremysquam,” incorporated as part of “Freetown” (now Edgecomb) in 1774; incorporated as a separate town in 1828.


Population in 2000 census: 745

8.74 square miles



Sheepscot, Back, and Sasanoa Rivers

North End Lobster Co-Op

Old Town Hall

Community Church

North Church

Bonyun Preserve

Clough Point Preserve



Town Office Phone 207-882-8477

Settled in 1744; incorporated in 1774


Population in 2000 census: 1,090

18.1 square miles



Sheepscot River and Wiscasset Harbor

Fort Edgecomb (1806-1816)

Schmid Preserve

Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts

River Link Project






Town Office Phone 207-442-7094

Settled as “Nequasset” in 1638; incorporated in 1759 as Woolwich


Population in 2000 census: 2,810

41.7 square miles



The Kennebec and Sasanoa Rivers Nequasset Lake

Merrymeeting Bay

Woolwich Historical Society and Museum

The historic village of Day’s Ferry

Robert P. Tristram Coffin Wild Flower   


Nearby Josephine Newman Audubon Sanctuary

Nearby Reid State Park


Town Office Phone 207-882-8200

 Settled in 1663; resettled in 1739; incorporated as “Pownalborough” in 1760

Resumed its Abenaki name, Wiscasset, in 1802


Population in 2000 census: 3,603

27.7 square miles





Shire town of Lincoln County

Historic Architecture, Federal Style

Buildings on the National Historic Register

Historic Burial Ground

The Lincoln County Courthouse

The Nickels-Sortwell House (Historic New England)

Castle Tucker (Historic New England)

The Old Lincoln County Jail and Museum (1811) Deepwater harbor and working waterfront

Antiques stores

Bait-worm industry

Wiscasset Public Library

The Morris Farm (a community farm for education, nature trails, community gardens)

The Maine Art Gallery

The Chewonki Foundation (an environmental education foundation)

Museum in the Streets

Wiscasset Yacht Club

Wiscasset Community Center

Public walking trails on conserved land

The Sunken Garden